Pharmacy Technician Society of Alberta

This website is an online resource for The Pharmacy Technician Society of Alberta.

Our Vision

The Pharmacy Technician Society of Alberta is a recognized leader for Pharmacy Technicians with a focus on enhancing professionalism through education and collaboration with our members and affiliates.

Our Mission

  1. Advocate for the Pharmacy Technician profession
  2. Educate the public, members and affiliates on the pharmacy technician scope of practice
  3. To provide professional development and networking opportunities

Our Values

Leadership, Collaboration, Professionalism, Communication, Accountability, and Integrity

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Interdisciplinary Collaboration Between Pharmacy and Nursing for Safe Medication Administration

Karmin Jivraj, a registered nurse works in acute geriatric psychiatry at Villas Caritas Hospital will speak on the collaborative roll of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and nurses...


President’s Report – Influencing Pharmacy Issues

What does it mean to influence pharmacy issues? For PTSA it means we have a role to play in advocating for changes within the...
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