Volunteer With Us: Board of Directors


Are you passionate about our profession? Do you want to get more involved in advocating for pharmacy technicians? Are you looking to build your leadership skills? Consider joining our Board of Directors!

The Board of Directors governs the affairs of the Society and supervises, controls, and directs all its activities. The Board actively pursues the mission and goals of the Society and may adopt policies for the conduct of its business. By joining the PTSA Board of Directors you’ll be actively involved in these pursuits.

In order to be an elected Director on the Board, you do need to be a full member of PTSA in good standing.  Directors may be elected to 1-2 year terms. Directors take office immediately following the Annual General Meeting at which they are elected.

Here are some things our current Board of Directors had to say about their experience:

“I have enjoyed witnessing and participating in the advocacy impact and gradual improvement a small group of individuals has been able to accomplish for Alberta Pharmacy Technicians amongst local and country wide Pharmacy stakeholders… if you’re a self-motivated and passionate person with an aptitude for people interaction,  PTSA is the place for you! The new skills set you will acquire from being on the board will surprise you for the better.” – Kim Fehr, Treasurer

“I have learned to collaborate with pharmacy personnel in many different roles. I enjoy participating in meetings and have a great respect for the information my colleagues share. Bring your enthusiasm and dedication to our profession and you will have experienced mentors to guide you in the role you chose”    – Carla Dumka, Advocacy Director

“I love seeing the profession grow and knowing that I can be a part of that process is really exciting to me. I have every intention of volunteering with PTSA again in the future.  I love the opportunity it creates to meet amazing and inspiring techs like my fellow Board members. Board members do require a lot of dedication, but it is such a rewarding professional experience that I urge you to consider it.  And don’t worry where you are in your practice (ex. new grad, retail tech with 4 years’ experience, hospital tech with 12 years’ experience) because everyone brings something different to the Board.  Being a diverse Board makes PTSA stronger and helps us support Techs better.” – Crystal Schultz, Secretary

“I first volunteered a long time ago.  My motive was “to help”.  The treasurer position was vacant, so they asked if I would take on the treasurer duties.  I said yes.  I had never done anything like that before, so it was a “learn as you go” endeavor, but I soon figured out how to balance the bank book, write cheques, & keep the money end of things straight. Over the years, I learned how to be a functioning member of a committee, how to lead a team of people & how to get things done.  I believe that the experiences I had have helped me in my career as a pharmacy technician.  Everything you learn can be transferred in some way to another role. I have continued to volunteer because people are what make the difference in whether an organization or an initiative is successful.  I hope that I have contributed in some small way to the success of PTSA.” –Diane Reeder, Education Director

There are a number of leadership opportunities for board members to take on. If you have strong leadership skills and vision for the future of pharmacy practice then you may be interested in a role as part of the executive. These are the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer roles. If you’re new to volunteering with PTSA and are looking to get your feet wet, you can take on a leadership position as a committee lead, such as our Education Director or Advocacy Director, or you can join as a general board member and have the opportunity to observe the different roles and see where you’d fit best. Generally, the new board meets after the Annual General Meeting to get to know each other and discuss responsibilities.

If you’re interesting in building your skills, learning more about your profession, and leading pharmacy technician practice all while meeting colleagues and making new friends then fill out your nomination form here!