Pharmacy Technician Success Story – Victoria Knight



Victoria’s journey into the world of pharmacy began at the age of 10, sparked by a visit
to the local pharmacy with her parents. Fascinated by the idea of helping others without being knee-deep in “the icky stuff” that she might encounter as a nurse or physician, she set her sights on a career in pharmacy. Victoria attended a year of university studying education, but a change of heart returned her focus to pharmacy. Victoria opted to return to the pharmacy world driven by a desire to provide high-quality care for her community.
In 2015, Victoria embarked on her pharmacy journey by enrolling in the Norquest
Pharmacy Technician program. It was there that she honed her skills and gained
invaluable experience, including a unique opportunity as a Technical Practice Leader
intern during her summer break. This role exposed her to various facets of pharmacy
practice, from conducting site visits to hospitals to contributing to the development of
essential policies like the Biological Safety Cabinet cleaning policy.
Victoria’s dedication didn’t stop there. Starting in 2016, she volunteered her time to
represent the pharmacy technician program at Norquest Open House and became a
student member of the program advisory committee (which she remains on to this day as a frontline technician member). Her exceptional performance in the technician
program earned her the Myros Samycia Scholarship for outstanding leadership.
Upon graduating in 2017, Victoria soared to new heights by achieving the highest mark in Alberta on the PEBC exam and securing a position at the Cross Cancer Pharmacy in Edmonton. During her time there, she has taken on various duties such as training, telehealth chemotherapy checking, and joining the pharmacy purchasing team. The attention to detail, versatility, and professionalism she brings to the workplace each day have allowed her to excel in these roles and others.
Despite her busy schedule, Victoria found time to give back to her alma mater by
teaching Medication Safety while still excelling in her role at Cross Cancer. Not
content with solely excelling in her professional life, Victoria also finds time for leisure
activities, including roller skating, crocheting, and other craft work, and indulging in her passion for travel and cooking.
Having had the privilege of working alongside Victoria for the past five years, I can
attest to her unwavering commitment, extensive knowledge, and calm demeanor in the face of challenges. Her dedication to her profession and continuous pursuit of
excellence make her a true asset, and I am excited to see where her journey takes her next.


Written by Carla Dumka

Carla Dumka is a pharmacy technician with 20+ years of experience.
She is currently working in Oncology and pursuing her Bachelor of Healthcare Administration.

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