Poster Contest #RxTechDay2020 Results


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, PTSA made the decision to hold its annual Poster Contest virtually in celebration of #RxTechDay2020. We are excited to share the 4 amazing posters submitted!

Participants sent a pdf version of their posters to be graded by a panel of judges who were selected to represent different pharmacy practices: Jennifer Bean (Hospital), Susan Iannuzzi (Community), and Loren Voice (Education).  Following the rubric, the judges reviewed each poster and gave participants scores.  The scores from all 3 judges were totaled together for each individual.  The participant with the highest total number of points accumulated was the winner.  A special thanks to our judges for lending their expertise and time to make a fair selection process.

Fresenius-Kabi-logo.pngThis contest wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of Fresenius Kabi. Fresenius Kabi provided a $500.00 cash prize to this year’s winner.  Check out the winning poster and runners up below!

First Place:

Patient Specific Medications by Samantha Bruun RPhT  (Project Team: Michelle Smith, Lacey Yasinski, Randi Karlson, Bodil Schoendorfer)


Second Place: 

Closing the Gap: A Journey to the Standardization of Sterile Compounding Preparations by  Chantel J Parson, Aseptic Lead – Royal Alexandra Pharmacy Services


Third Place: 

Hero Behind the Mask by Darian Bagnall RPhT



Honorable Mention:

Hero Behind the Mask by Bijaya Dhakal, RPhT


We encourage everyone to participate in creating a poster for the upcoming 30th Annual Alberta Pharmacy Conference in September 2021.  Check out our online CE and accompanying resources to learn how to create a poster!

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