Pharmacy Technicians’ Important Roles during COVID-19

It’s been one month since the COVID-19 crisis was declared a world-wide pandemic.  Pharmacy technicians across the province have stepped up and adapted during this difficult time demonstrating how indispensable we truly are. From increasing measures to prevent disease transmission to finding innovative ways to ensure patients continue to have access to their medications, pharmacy technicians are working tirelessly alongside other healthcare professionals to provide care.

Community pharmacy technicians like Misty Carter, RPhT, and Engi Saleh, RPhT, are compounding hand sanitizer and ensuring patients receive their medications on time by offering free deliveries. Hospital pharmacy technicians are also responding to the pandemic, like Jennifer Lefebvre, RPhT and Nesli Temel, RPhT, who are working with nursing and other hospital staff to ensure medication delivery needs are met as surge plans are implemented across the province.

Pharmacy technicians like Kirsten Shead, RPhT, and Sara Kumar, RPhT, are developing conservation strategies to ensure the quality and availability of medications, including those used to treat patients hospitalized with COVID-19.

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The efforts of pharmacy technicians have not gone unnoticed. “Words alone are not enough to express the overwhelming gratitude felt”. – Morgan Lahl,  PTSA President

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