Temporary Opportunities Due to COVID-19


Earlier today, the Alberta College of Pharmacy (ACP) contacted pharmacy technicians who have an inactive registration status encouraging them to consider re-entering practice to provide support during the COVID-19 pandemic. More information about the emergency registration process for those returning to practice is available on the ACP website: https://abpharmacy.ca/emergency-registration-covid-19-pandemic

With the increased demand for health services during this difficult time PTSA realizes the importance of pharmacy professionals and pharmacy assistants being able to find the pharmacies and employers that require temporary support. In response we have created a category for Temporary Opportunities due to COVID-19 on the Job Post section of our website. Pharmacy managers and employers can post job ads free of charge.

If you are you a pharmacy professional or pharmacy assistant looking for temporary opportunities, or know of someone who is, please check PTSA’s Job Posts regularly for a listing of temporary opportunities. PTSA members will continue to receive emails with notice of available job postings.

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