Join the Journey: Truth and Reconciliation


September 30 marks the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Reconciliation is a journey of education and action to improve awareness of cultural safety. It is ongoing and active, and it starts with acknowledging the truth about Canada’s residential school system and colonial origins.

Colonial history has created health disparities for Indigenous Peoples in Canada and disparities in social determinants of health. Broken treaty promises have also created mistrust for our government systems. Providing Indigenous Peoples culturally safe and trauma informed care is work towards reconciliation and can be provided within community and hospital pharmacies by all pharmacy professionals.

Recently, more than 300 pharmacy technicians from across Canada had an opportunity to discuss the concepts of cultural safety, awareness, humility and competency from an Indigenous lens by attending Amber Ruben’s presentation at the 2022 Alberta Pharmacy Technician Conference.

PTSA members can access the presentation slides and a copy of the recording from the Members Only section of the website here: 2022 Alberta Pharmacy Technician Conference Presentations – PTSA

What steps have you taken to reconcile and demonstrate cultural safety in your practice? Share your comments below.


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