Pharmacy Appreciation Month – March 2023


Pharmacy Appreciation Month – March 2023

Pharmacy appreciation month is celebrated throughout the month of March in all provinces across Canada, both in retail and hospital settings. It provides us an opportunity to reflect on our accomplishments, our setbacks, our moments of burnout, and a vision for excellence for the year ahead. This year PTSA rolled out questions every week in March in order to provide a common platform for idea sharing with fellow technicians in the province and a chance to win a $25 gift card. There were lots of responses! Following are the 5 questions and their winners. Questions were posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


#1: Please share any role expansions you would like to see the Regulated Pharmacy Technician profession attain in the future. Give examples of how they would be implemented.

Winners -Tammy Bergeron and Alison Ewing.

#2: Please share your thoughts on virtual care and how/if it has affected your ability to provide direct patient care, and any changes you think should/could make this a better experience for patients/staff.

Winner–Lyndsay Edgar.

#3: Please vote: if you are interested in gaining injection certification and performing vaccine/injection technical functions.

Yes 83%

No 13%

Undecided 4%

Winner–Katie Cole

#4: What are the different ways to engage your team members as a Pharmacy Technician Team leader?

Winner- Heather Snook

#5: What are some different methods of resilience you have learned in the past few years?

Winners – CJ Hogan and Lana Frandsen


Check out our Facebook or Instagram pages to see the variety of responses!

Thank you to all who participated in our phun pharmacy event!

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