Webinar: Beyond Blood Glucose Readings


Beyond Blood Glucose Readings – The Pharmacy Technician’s Opportunity

CEU: 1.0

Language: English

Learning objectives:
1. Develop a basic understanding of diabetes mellitus
2. Discuss the importance of meter accuracy and impact to patient outcome
3. Identify practical opportunities for registered pharmacy technicians to support patients with diabetes
4. Apply learning through case studies

Event Details

Numerous sessions available:

February 9, 2021 with Speaker: John Papastergiou @ 5:00pm

February 10, 2021 with Speaker: Pindy Janda @ 7:30pm

February 11, 2021 with Speaker: Connie Marshall @ 4:00pm

February 24, 2021 with Speaker: Fabio De Rango @ 5:00pm

March 3, 2021 with Speaker: John Papastergiou @ 5:00pm

March 4, 2021 with Speaker: Deepak Narang @ 7:00pm

April 1, 2021 with Speaker: Deepak Narang @ 7:00pm

Location: Online webinar link to be provided after registration

Spaces are limited so be sure to secure your spot!

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