Training for Pharmacy Technicians to Administer Immunizations


Pharmacy technicians administering immunizations and other injections has been a topic of discussion across the country for some time. In October 2019, the Nova Scotia College of Pharmacists announced they were moving forward with new regulations that would authorize pharmacy technicians to administer drugs by injection. This marks a milestone towards obtaining this expanded scope for pharmacy technicians.

One of PTSA’s strategic objectives is to advocate for legislation changes and develop a framework that will enable this practice in Alberta. As with any new skill, additional training will be required before pharmacy technicians can inject drugs. Putting a plan in place to ensure pharmacy technicians can be appropriately trained will be part of the overall framework.

In the United States, more and more pharmacy technicians are being trained and authorized to inject immunizations. Through a partnership with the American Pharmacists Association and Washington State University a new nation-wide training program for pharmacy technicians has been created. The Pharmacy-Based Immunization Administration by Pharmacy Technicians two-part program emphasizes a health care team collaboration between pharmacists and pharmacy technicians and is designed specifically for pharmacy technicians to learn how to administer drugs by injection. Composed of an online self-study component combined with a live seminar that teaches hands-on immunization techniques, this program will provide a total of six hours of continuing education. The program is open to any interested pharmacy technicians. Click here for more information.

In March 2020, several members of the PTSA Advocacy Committee were headed to Maryland to complete the program and bring their knowledge back to Alberta pharmacy technicians. Those plans were delayed as a result of pandemic related travel restrictions and cancellation of the workshop. PTSA will continue to work on ways to move closer towards pharmacy technicians administering injections.

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What would be the advantage of getting trained beside gaining new skill? I am contemplating.. 🙂

Kathy Parsonssays:

Hello PTSA, If this opportunity arises may I join you on your training?

Teresa Hennesseysays:

Hi Kathy. The ultimate goal would be to have training opportunities available for all AB techs. Stay tuned!

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