Tana Yoon – 2018 PTSA Professionalism Award Winner

Michelle Hebert could not think of a more deserving pharmacy technician, so she nominated her friend and colleague Tana Yoon for the 2018 PTSA Professionalism Award. In her nomination support letter Michelle told the story of how Tana has demonstrated professionalism from the time they were classmates at Red Deer College in 1986. Tana graduated at the top of the class and was always willing to help classmates study or complete assignments. Since graduating, Tana has strived for excellence for herself, and for the pharmacy technician profession.

In the 1990’s, Tana was already an advocate for pharmacy technician self-regulation through her Director position with the former Pharmacy Technician Certification Board of Alberta (PTCB-AB). At that time she designed a certification exam that was recognized by the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) when regulation requirements were announced many years later. As a result, Tana can be considered one of the “grandfathers” of the regulation process. She has done so many things in her career, and is still going strong. She currently holds a leadership role as a Technical Practice Leader for Alberta Health Services. When she is not working her full time position, she is the PEBC OSPE Calgary Chief Examiner. She also sits on many committees and working groups including the CSHP Publication Steering Committee, 2018 PTSA Conference Planning Committee, ACP Competence Working Group, Opioid Diversion Guidelines Working Group, and is a volunteer for the National Homeless Count. She has distributed naloxone opioid response kits to the homeless and during Calgary Pride in the Park. Tana has been a presenter at the CAPhO Conference as well as many AHS leadership presentations. One of Tana’s most recent accomplishments was her election to the 2018-19 PTSA Board.

When asked what receiving the award meant to her, Tana had the following message to share:

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for being the successful recipient of the PTSA 2018 Professionalism Award. The award comes as a big surprise and I am honored to have even been nominated.  I was an active participant in pharmacy technician advocacy earlier in my career but stepped away for a period of time to focus on a second career and family priorities.  Pharmacy technician regulation brought me back and provided the inspirational boost that I needed to once again become involved in external pharmacy organizations with the aim to raise awareness of the value that pharmacy technicians bring to safe medication distribution and patient care.  I have a passion for pharmacy technician advancement and am committed to giving back to the profession as demonstrated through my on-going support and involvement.

The recognition provided through the annual presentation of this award is another example of the great support that PTSA provides to pharmacy technicians. The initiatives that I have been involved with have provided me with learning opportunities, professional growth and personal satisfaction that I could not have anticipated.  My biggest learning over the last two years is understanding that when pharmacy technicians stick together and lift each other up we can achieve great things.  A special thank you to those who have been my mentors and role models, I can only hope that I can continue to do the same for others and pass along the positive experiences.  We cannot wait for other professions to chart our course and determine our future.  I challenge all pharmacy technicians to get involved and keep the momentum moving forward.

I am committed to doing my best to merit this recognition.

With much appreciation,

Tana Yoon

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