New Law: Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting


There is a New Law in Alberta

As of December 17, 2018 any Health Care Practitioner (HCP) who becomes aware of an adverse event following immunization (AEFI) for all vaccines, provincially or non-provincially funded, must report the event to Alberta Health Services (AHS). This legislative requirement is the outcome of revised Immunization Regulations within the Public Health Act of Alberta.

The AHS Province-wide Immunization Program has created the AHS Provincial AEFI Team who will respond to and follow-up reports received from HCPs in all zones related to AEFI.

What needs to be reported?

 Anything that meets the definition of an AEFI needs to be reported. Please refer to the AHS webpage for the definition of an AEFI.

When to report? You have 3 days!

Adverse Events Following Immunization must be reported to the AHS Provincial AEFI Team within three (3) days of the health practitioner determining or being informed that a patient has had an AEFI.

Who should report?

 ALL HCPs who become aware of an AEFI must report to AHS regardless of whether the vaccine was administered in a public health office, hospital setting, pharmacy, private travel clinic or physician’s office.

How to report?

 Please see the AHS webpage for steps to reporting an AEFI.

You have a crucial role in monitoring vaccine safety in Alberta!


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This is great! Hopefully it will shed light on any adverse effects happening with the vaccine and more statistics can be used and shared for knowledge and research.

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