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As PTSA has evolved, so have the ways to stay connected to pharmacy technicians across the province and keep up-to-date on the news and information impacting pharmacy practice. The website, remains the foundation of the Society’s communication strategies, but social media now plays a big role. I’m pleased to announce that, in addition to Facebook and Twitter, PTSA now has a presence on LinkedIn and Instagram.

If you’re not already following PTSA on social media, here’s a few reasons why you should….

Sharing is Learning

I never thought social media could be a source of continuing education; however, just this week alone, I’ve probably accrued a couple of CEU from reading articles that popped up in my feeds. Along with reading the publications shared by the pharmacy and healthcare organizations I follow, I also find that the comments from other professionals helps trigger my own thoughts and ideas. It gets me thinking about how I can use the information in my practice.


Coming together to discuss common issues and ideas is one way we can grow as a profession. Social media gives us a way to have our voices heard and to network with others across the province, country and beyond. Pharmacy Technician Day 2018 was one example of how pharmacy technicians from across the globe came together to celebrate and promote our essential role in healthcare. Unifying is one way we can overcome adversity. When there are hot topics that we want to advocate for we can use social media connections to build our reputation and drive the necessary changes.

Professional Image

There’s nothing wrong with being a spectator and simply using social media to stay informed – keeping up-to-date on current topics helps us to see the big picture. It can be hard to put ourselves out there, but joining in the conversations happening on social media is another way we can shape the future of the profession. In doing that we can also cultivate a public image of pharmacy technicians as professionals. It’s with this in mind that we need to trust our opinions and share them on social media in a thoughtful way.

Whether you prefer Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram – or all four platforms – be sure to follow PTSA. What other organizations or individuals with a professional focus do you like to follow on social media? Share your favorites in the comments below.

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