Igor Shaskin – Bio-Identical Hormones – Introduction and Concepts


Igor-Shaskin.jpgIgor Shaskin is a pharmacist for the Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare, UCP
Lethbridge East Constituency Association and LARx Pharmaceuticals Ltd. He established market presence with growth in Outcomes based initiatives, compounding services, homeopathy, nutritional and herbal medicines, delivering a holistic approach to pharmaceutical care at Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare. Igor received the PCCA Canadian Compounding Pharmacist of the Year Award in 2023. He has many Publications and Presentations to note including “Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy 101: Pharmacist’s Introduction” Alberta Pharmacists Association. He has many
Memberships and Affiliations including Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA), Lethbridge and District Society of Pharmacists and Alberta College of Pharmacy (ACP) to name a few.

Presentation Description

An introduction to bio-identical hormone therapy with a focus on bio-identical hormones such as progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone with mention of pregnenolone and DHEA, what is considered to be a bio-identical hormone (isomolecular) and where this fits in the treatment of hormone imbalances such as premenopause, and menopause. Igor will also briefly discuss custom compounding in the context of bio-identical hormone therapy, as part of a holistic approach to care – lifestyle, diet, stress reduction, etc. This also reflects his own clinical experience which has proven that ‘one size’ therapy is not appropriate for all.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the physiology of normal hormone cycles.
  2. Learn the different types of bio-identical hormones.
  3. Understand treatment strategies for symptoms of hormone imbalance.
  4. Become familiar with holistic patient care, and how custom compounding fits in.


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