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October 20, 2020 is Pharmacy Technician Day – Learn more about how your Pharmacy Technician can positively impact your quality of pharmacy care.

PTSA-13-scaled.jpgWho are Pharmacy Technicians?

Pharmacy Technicians regulated healthcare professionals. We wrote and passed a national licensing exam and received the designation, R.Ph.T. In Alberta, Pharmacy Technicians are registered with the Alberta College of Pharmacy (ACP). Our training ensures that we practice to the highest standards of competence and ethical conduct to provide you with quality medications and pharmacy services.

How can Pharmacy Technicians help?

Pharmacy technicians will mix or make products that are not commercially available. This could be due to a back ordered medication or patient convenience to take the medicine.

As pharmacy technicians, we work closely with your pharmacists to ensure your health needs are being met. We gather and update your health information, select and check that the correct medications are used to fill your prescriptions, make compounded drug products and teach you about health care products and devices. When we work with pharmacy assistants (non-regulated pharmacy support staff), we ensure they have the proper training and provide them with supervision to work safely.

Do you need help checking blood sugar? – Pharmacy Technicians can help.

As pharmacy technicians, we are knowledgeable about glucose meters, lancets and test strips that you will need to check your blood sugar. We will ask you questions to help you determine which device system is best for you and then show you how to properly test your blood sugar.

Can Pharmacy Technicians fill and help transfer your prescriptions?

Sure! We will ask you a few questions and create a file for you at the pharmacy. We will then contact your previous pharmacy and have the prescriptions you need transferred and filled for you.

To aid patients with compliance, pharmacy technicians will put medications in a multi-dose package based on the scheduled time the patient is to take their medicines.

Can Pharmacy Technicians fill my dosettes for me?

We would be happy to fill your dosettes or any packaging that will help you take your medications properly.

Can Pharmacy Technicians answer my questions about different headache products?

Yes, and we will ask our pharmacist colleagues to help you when we think you’d benefit from their expertise.

Pharmacy technicians help patients to learn their new medical devices. This can range from a number of devices including: blood glucose monitors, inhalers, blood pressure machines, eye drops, nasal sprays and Epi-pens.

I have to get a blood pressure monitor to use at home. Can a Pharmacy Technician help me?

What would you like to know? We can show you their features and how you should use them. We can also talk about lifestyle choices that can improve your blood pressure. Learn more about our role in this area by watching a short video.

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