10 Ways to Get Respect

By Jennifer Bean, RPhT

Respect, not just a great song from the 1960s by Aretha Franklin (for those of you too young check out YouTube , but something that everyone wants.

The other day I saw great photo on face book that caught my eye. The photo was titled “10 things that take 0 talent, but will get you 100% respect”, so here is the list:

#1) Being on time: seems simple enough doesn’t it? Just this alone shows your peers and supervisors that you are reliable and can be counted on. Being punctual shows that you have respect for other people and that you care as much about their time as your own.

#2) Work ethic: Really it means coming to work and working hard. Not simply being there physically, but also mentally and emotionally for your coworkers and patients. Your work ethic not only speaks to how hard you work, but it showcases how you feel about your career. When determining whether or not someone has good work ethic, one must look at their attitude, integrity, behavior, communication and dependability.

#3) Effort: links back to #2, and is important. No one likes working with that one person who takes longer breaks, makes personal phone calls during the shift, and surfs the internet while everyone else is running around completing tasks. Whereas everyone enjoys working with the teammate who is dependable, approachable and willing to lend an extra hand when available.

#4) Body Language: Remember just because your mouth is saying yes doesn’t mean the rest of your body is. Are your arms crossed, are you smiling, are you leaning in and acting interested? All of this nonverbal communication can be heard from across the room!

#5) Energy: Let’s face it; Pharmacy is not for the weak hearted, it’s a tough job! Chances are your patients don’t feel well, and seeing you might just be a bright moment in their day. If you were your patient how would you like to be greeted and what level of service would you like? It’s important for health care workers to remember to self-care. Get rest, eat a balanced diet, and find a way to add some physical activity to your routine.

#6) Attitude: Really it’s everything isn’t it? We have all worked with someone who has a great attitude and the shift just flies by and we have also worked with someone who makes the hours drag on and the day never seems to end. Who would you rather work with? It’s good to remember that your attitude can affect the attitude of those around you. Don’t let yourself get pulled down by someone else’s funk. Instead aim to be the one that leads by example and think positively!

#7)Passion: defined by Oxford English dictionary as strong and barely controllable emotion. Passion is what makes you want to get up in the morning and do your best for your patients; it’s what keeps you coming back even when you feel like you aren’t making a difference.

#8) Being Coachable: Are you open to feedback and constructive criticism? Are you willing to hear areas where you can improve not only to make the workplace a better environment but to make you a better employee? Staff who are coachable are more likely to be selected to take on additional responsibility or to be identified for promotions.

#9)Doing extra: and let’s face it, sometimes it’s the less glorious jobs like taking out the trash, filing the prescriptions, refilling the compounding supplies from the back that people appreciate but never mention. We’ve all been there, and often these small acts compound and really are noticed and appreciated by your coworkers.

#10) Being Prepared: Not just the motto of the Boy Scouts, it’s a great life motto! Come to work ready to work. Be ready to start at the beginning of your shift, not after you run and grab a coffee, put your coat away, and tell your friends about the movie you just saw.

By keeping these points in mind and incorporating them into your practice you will build a professional reputation you can be proud of. These are simple ideas that when put to the test can open doors and attract opportunities that will help you continue to grow and find purpose and meaning in your work.

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Such an interesting read! Trying to implement all of the above and being mindful about it.

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