Membership in the Society is open in the following categories as outlined in the Bylaws:

Full Member
Any Pharmacy Technician who resides in the province of Alberta.

Associate Member
Any Pharmacy Technician who is not a resident of Alberta (or) Individual who supports the objectives of the Society.

Student Member
Any student enrolled in an accredited Pharmacy Technician training program.

Pharmacy Assistant Member
Any individual working in a support capacity in a pharmacy who is not a Pharmacy Technician All members are eligible to receive publications and benefits. Only Full Members are eligible to vote on matters of the Society.

What is PTSA?
is a member-focused non-profit organization whose aim is to support the professional development of Pharmacy Technicians and Assistants through representation and education.

What does PTSA do?
PTSA provides many benefits to members that contribute to personal and professional development. PTSA works collaboratively with pharmacy stakeholders in Alberta, across Canada and internationally to enhance the knowledge, rights, and responsibilities of the pharmacy technician.

Why is there a membership fee?
PTSA provides regular communications as well as valuable member services and benefits. The fee helps defray the costs associated with providing these services and running the organization. All of those involved with the day to day running of PTSA are volunteers – PTSA has no paid employees.

Who can join?
Membership is open to Pharmacy Technicians, Pharmacy Assistants, supporters of pharmacy technicians and students. Please refer to the detailed list of specific membership categories.

Is PTSA a union?
No, PTSA is not a union. Its aim is to promote the professionalism of the pharmacy technician and recognition of the vital role technicians play as part of the health care team.

Membership Categories (Membership valid for 1 year)

$52.50 (50.00 plus 2.50 GST) – Full Member

$42.00 (40.00 plus 2.00 GST) – Pharmacy Assistant Member

$42.00 (40.00 plus 2.00 GST) – Associate Member

$31.50 (30.00 plus 1.50 GST) – Student Member

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