Why is PTSA Membership Important?


Membership in your professional pharmacy technician organization is not mandatory, it is voluntary.  Consequently, many pharmacy technicians choose not to become members.

Why is membership important?  Membership is a way to show your commitment to your profession.  It provides a sense of community, a sense of belonging to a formal group of like-minded individuals and a way of identifying oneself with others within our profession.  Membership commitment shows connection to a community, not just for the sake of the community, but for the sake of the individual.  Membership is about professionalism, identity, feedback, support and strength.  PTSA is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the pharmacy technician community.  A strong membership base keeps us close; without membership, PTSA does not exist.

Membership enables us to grow and become mature in our profession.  PTSA runs educational events, including local TTCE events and the Annual Alberta Pharmacy Technician conference, known and valued across Canada.  These events provide information relevant to your role in the workplace, networking opportunities and connections to your fellow pharmacy technicians.

Members provide a vital connection to our governance process.  We listen intently to what you say and we use this information to gauge our effectiveness and to constantly review our strategy.  If we are effective, you (our members) will continue to support us.  We will always work hard to maintain your trust and support.  A strong connection to our community maintains an effective feedback loop.

A strong membership base helps us to amplify your message by demonstrating that the pharmacy technician community is robust, healthy and growing.  We want the world to know and learn about the pharmacy technician profession.  Your membership provides a valuable revenue source for the organization but we see your membership as much more than a financial transaction.  It is one that we treat with the highest regard.  PTSA is an organization that is transparent, which keeps us accountable.  Transparency is our commitment to you.

Support a strong voice for the pharmacy technician profession in our work with pharmacy colleagues and organizations, learning institutions and other stakeholders on issues that matter.  Be a part of the community of pharmacy technicians – keep in touch via Facebook and Twitter, PTSA’s Blog, Techs in Touch Newsletter, TTCE events, Tips of the Week and many other links and information that can be found on the PTSA website.

Support efforts to promote the profession – get involved in advocacy initiatives, conference planning, educational offerings or governance.  And, stay informed about the critical issues affecting the profession.

For more information on how to become a PTSA member, follow the Membership link to Join Today!

Diane Reeder, PTSA Advocacy Director, is a pharmacy technician, living and working in Calgary.