Why I Renewed my PTSA Membership


It’s that time of year again – time to renew your PTSA membership! There are those keeners among us that renewed even before the email notification showed up in our inboxes last month. Then there are others, like me, that saw the notice, planned to renew but kept forgetting to sign-in to the website and process payment. It took writing this blog post as a final reminder , but I can cross renewing my PTSA membership off the list for another year. Keeners and procrastinators aside, I’m sure there some of you wondering whether or not you should renew. Have you asked yourself…” What do I get out of my PTSA membership?” To help you answer that question, I’m sharing my top reasons for renewing.

1.       Having our voices heard

One of PTSA’s mandates is to advocate for the pharmacy technician profession. At different times that’s meant different things, but now more than ever the PTSA board will be looking to members through forums and consultations to find out about how we’d like to see the profession evolve.

2.       Education

We all have to get those 15 CEUs done each year. PTSA has always provided education opportunities in the form of Techs In Touch Continuing Education Events and the annual conference. As PTSA members we get a discount on the conference registration fee and can apply each year for a grant to support the costs of continuing education. Now that we’re registered, PTSA knows we need access to even more quality continuing education. Practice relevant online and self-study courses available to members only can be found online. The first topic will help both hospital and community pharmacy technicians improve how we gather best possible medication histories.

3.       Staying connected

Work and life keep us busy! Through PTSA membership we get notified of the important things we need to be aware of to stay connected to what’s happening in our profession. I also love that PTSA has updated the website so I have even more access to information – like this new blog. Now I can access all the same resources on my smart phone and catch up on things while I’m waiting for my kid’s karate class to end.

4.       Professional malpractice insurance

Having access to a malpractice insurance program designed specifically for me – an Alberta pharmacy technician – has helped me ensure I have the coverage I need. The HDF liability insurance program, that’s available only to PTSA members, meets all of the Alberta College of Pharmacy’s requirements and the coverage period even runs the same as the registration year.

5.       Practice resources and other benefits

Need a reference on how to apply the new scope of practice? Want to get a quote on home and auto insurance? Need some new scrubs? PTSA has us covered! As members we can access a number of resources and discounts to both improve our practice and our personal lives.  

6.       We’re professionals!

Despite all of the other benefits, being a PTSA member has opened doors for me over the years by showcasing that I’m doing more as a professional than what’s expected. By attending PTSA events and volunteering with PTSA, I’ve connected with peers and built a network of pharmacy technicians and other professionals that has been invaluable. PTSA membership has helped me be recognized as the professional that I am.

Members that do not renew within 30 days of their expiry date will have their memberships cancelled. PTSA membership is voluntary but it’s a modest investment that has an outstanding return. If you haven’t renewed already I encourage you to do it today. Click here for the online application form.



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