Why Advocate?


Pharmacy Technicians are highly skilled health professionals who have a defined set of skills that positively impact patients and pharmacy practice.

Since inception, advocating for pharmacy technicians has been an objective of PTSA. At the 25th PTSA Conference in Edmonton I approached several people to see if they would be interested in advocating for Pharmacy Technicians in Alberta.  We have had a couple of meetings and a planning session that was facilitated by Dale Cooney.  Some of the areas I felt we needed to work on are influence, advocacy, and engagement.

Influencing Political Issues

PTSA has created a formal partnership with the Alberta Pharmacists’ Association (RxA) in which we both agree to help each other where we can and approach government together with a common goal.  We also have an ongoing relationship with the Alberta College of Pharmacists (ACP) and are trying to influence them to change their name to be inclusive of Pharmacy Technicians, along with other self-regulation issues.

Many members of the board sit on Program Advisory Councils for Alberta Colleges which offer the Pharmacy Technician program to influence the education that new pharmacy technicians are receiving.

We have been part of the Thought Leadership Summit talks at the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA) conference in Calgary.

PTSA representatives also attended a meeting in Ottawa with the Canadian Association of Pharmacy Technician (CAPT) and many other provincial groups where we discussed common goals for technicians in Canada.

We also need to make the National Pharmacy Regulatory Association (NAPRA) aware that we have as many members as CAPT so, therefore, have as much influence nationally.

We want to meet with the Alberta Minister of Health to make her aware of Pharmacy Technicians in the province and what we do to positively impact the healthcare system.

PTSA will help lead a national effort to change Health Canada legislation around Narcotic and Controlled Drugs.  (This is mostly around destruction of Controlled Substances).

Engage Technicians

We would like to develop leadership/governance training for technicians.

We have considered doing town hall meeting similar to what ACP did across the province to get your feedback/participation with items that affect technicians.  I am also interested in where Technicians want to go in the future. I would be interested to know how you think we, as Pharmacy Technicians, should promote ourselves.

We have launched a new website where we can now blog and keep people informed with up to date information and what the PTSA board has been doing.


I believe that PTSA and the Advocacy group will advocate for Technicians across the province so please feel free to email any of your board members with questions or suggestions you may have.  Remember, in the end this is all about job satisfaction, increased knowledge and moving the profession forward.

What ideas do you have about advocacy, influencing or engagement?

Don Ridley, PTSA Vice President