Volunteer With Us: Advocacy Committee


This committee has been around a few years, but our work has been on the quiet side and perhaps you didn’t even know it was going on. Some of our priorities during that time have been:

  • Petitioning ACP to change their name to a more inclusive title to represent all disciplines they regulate.
  • White papers, position statements, and backgrounders on PTSA’s position of technician ordering, receiving, and destroying unserviceable controlled medications and narcotics.
  • Meeting with members of the Health Ministers cabinet to highlight the role of Pharmacy technicians and areas for expanded scope of practice
  • Exploratory work on Pharmacy technicians providing injections to the public

Future goals and ongoing work of the committee are:

  • having changes made to federal legislation to allow pharmacy technicians authority to manage all aspects of narcotic and controlled drug handling
  • developing a framework that will expand pharmacy technicians scope to include injecting drugs and vaccines
  • reviewing practice related documents and providing feedback on consultations
  • increasing the awareness of regulators and policy makers regarding the practice of pharmacy technicians

This committee will meeting monthly for an hour. Committee members will complete work between meeting which will vary depending on the current work plan and campaigns underway.
If you are interested in volunteering with the Advocacy committee, you can do so here