Tip of the Week – RPhTs and THN


Did you know that pharmacy technicians can provide patients with a Take Home Naloxone Kit? RPhTs are required to have appropriate training and education prior to providing patients with a Take Home Naloxone Kit. From the Alberta College of Pharmacists:

“While providing an intramuscular injection is a restricted activity, the training required for self-administration is not. Therefore, ACP council has determined that, after completing appropriate education, THN may now be provided in pharmacies by pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and pharmacy assistants”

To learn more click here: https://pharmacists.ab.ca/naloxone

Alberta Health Services offers an education module for health professionals providing patients with Take Home Naloxone Kits. This module is available to everyone, not just Alberta Health Services employees. To complete the training visit: https://cdm.absorbtraining.ca/#/login and create an account. Once you have logged in search “Take Home Naloxone Training” to find the module.