Tip of the Week – Use of Carts when Compounding Sterile Products


Do you use a cart (or carts) to hold or transfer supplies between your ante room and clean room? Check out the standards NAPRA has set for carts and sterile compounding:

“If carts are used, one cart must be reserved for the “dirty” area of the anteroom and must remain there. A second cart, dedicated to the “clean” area of the anteroom, may enter the clean room. Supplies are disinfected while they are being transferred onto the clean room cart.

Carts used to bring supplies into the anteroom from outside the controlled area shall not cross the demarcation line. Likewise, carts taken into the anteroom from the clean room shall notbe moved beyond the clean side of the demarcation line.

If the anteroom is shared, one cart must be reserved for the “clean but chemically contaminated” area and another for the “clean and not chemically contaminated” area.

Carts should be made of stainless steel or very good quality plastic, should be smooth, non-friable, non-porous and resistant to damage from cleaning and disinfecting products, andshould have easy-to- clean casters.

Carts should be cleaned and disinfected daily.” – NAPRA Model Standards for PharmacyCompounding of Non-Hazardous Sterile Preparation


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