Tip of the Week – Helping Your Patients Select Properly Sized Crutches


When helping your patients find crutches that fit remember the following:

  • Ask the patient to stand up straight
  • The top of the crutches should be placed under the patient’s arms with the ends 12-20 cm to the side of the patient’s feet
  • There should be a 2-3 finger width amount of space between the top of the crutch pad and the patient’s underarm
  • Ask the patient to hang their arms down straight. The hand grip should be at the patient’s wrist level
  • Remind the patient that they should support their weight with the hand grips, not on the pads at their underarms

To learn more about how to properly use crutches visit MyHealth.Alberta.ca Aids to Mobility: How to Use Crutches. You will find tips for fitting, weight bearing, proper use and printable resources in other languages to help you support your patients.