Tip of the Week – Helping your Patients with Medication Compliance


Do you have patients who are struggling to take their medication regularly? Here are some tips they can use to improve their compliance.

Many patient’s already follow a number of routines. Brushing their teeth everyday, drinking a cup of coffee in the afternoon, washing their face  before bedtime, etc. Suggest that they attach taking their medication to habits they have already developed. For example, if they need to take their medication in the morning, you could suggest they try keeping it beside their toothbrush so that they remember to take it when they brush their teeth.

Is your patient “techy”? Suggest that they download an app or use an alarm on their phone to remind them that it’s time to take their medications. There are a number of apps now available on the market that may be useful for them.

If your patient is on a number of medications, or even if they are just really struggling to remember to take their medication, they may be a great candidate for compliance packaging. You can suggest that they buy a reusable dosette and organize their medication themselves, or they can take advantage of the compliance packaging services your pharmacy offers.