Tip of the Week – Children and Fluoride


We often see patients with small children stopping by our pharmacies to pick up toothpaste. Do you know what the Canadian Dental Association’s recommendations are when it comes to kids and fluoride?

  • Children 0 – 3 years old: Teeth should be brushed by an adult using a toothbrush moistened only with water unless the child is considered “at risk” for tooth decay. A number of factors may put a child at risk including: living in an area with non-fluoridated water, a diet that includes sugary foods/drinks, the child was born prematurely with a low birth weight.
  • Children 3 – 6 years old: Teeth should be brushed with a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste. Children in this age range should still be assisted or supervised while they are developing the manual dexterity needed to brush their teeth.
  • Children 6 years and under: Fluoridated mouth rinses are not recommended for children in this age range.

If a patient is unsure whether or not their child should be using fluoride toothpaste be sure to refer them to a pharmacist or their dentist to determine their child’s needs.