Did you know that it is within your scope to complete the final check of a new prescription? A pharmacy technician can perform a final check of a new or refill prescription to ensure that each step in the dispensing process has been completed properly. This includes verifying that:

  • the drug, dosage form, strength, and quantity dispensed are correct according to the prescription
  • the prescription label is accurate according to the prescription and contains the information required by standards and legislation
  • appropriate auxillary labels are affixed to the prescription

As long as the pharmacist completes a clinical check of the prescription a pharmacy technician can complete the technical check whether or not the prescription is new or a refill. Talk with your team to discuss best workflow options to ensure that the clinical check and technical check are completed prior the prescription being released. For example, in many hospital and some retail settings the pharmacist is completing a clinical check prior to the prescription being filled. To learn more about a technician’s role in dispensing check out the Standards of Practice for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians, our Scope of Practice for Alberta Pharmacy Technicians poster, and Model Standards of Practice for Canadian Pharmacy Technicians.