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As a technician, are you finding appropriate CEUs to complete?  Does there seem to be a lack of technical-based CEUs?  Because regulation is relatively new, for technicians to have peer-based CEUs  WE need to create them.

Recently I attended a Basic Research and Writing for Pharmacy Technicians workshop in Calgary…I admit it’s somewhat daunting to think of writing for Tech Talk or other journals.  But you know what?  We have information.  We have experience.  And we are uniquely positioned to share what we have learned with other technicians.  Just think of it:  technical-based CEUs written by technicians for technicians!

The workshop, the first of this kind offered by PTSA, was offered in March and I quite literally jumped at the chance to go!  Yes, writing has long been a passion for me, but what I was so excited about was that I was going to learn how to start sharing my technical expertise using my love of the written (and some would say spoken!) word.

The one-day workshop just touched on the research and writing styles that will get you published…but what a great jumping off point!  We learned about the difference between writing for journals, blogs, newsletters and for independent studies (think Tech Talks).  Let me tell you:  a LOT of work goes into research before pen is put to paper.  Much of our time was spent learning how to develop a pool of good research and cite appropriately in our article.  Less time was spent on the actual writing of documents; the key is to check with the publisher for guidelines or requirements.

I would love to see a “level 2” workshop, taking us through the next steps: networking with the journals and independent studies, developing quality continuing education for our peers, and taking us through to publishing.

Interested in sharing your own knowledge?  What has your experience as a technician taught you?  Is there a pharmaceutical therapy you are passionate about?  There’s the place to start.  I mean, my passions are pharmacy and writing…and here I am!  This is just the first of the articles I want to share with my technician peers…PTSA may have created a monster!

Linda Eckel is a pharmacy technician currently working in the NE zone. Linda took part in the Basic Research and Writing Skills for Pharmacy Technicians hosted by PTSA and one day aspires to be published in Tech Talk, becoming amazingly famous and outrageously wealthy. Until then she is committed to sharing as much information as her peers will allow.


  1. Linda, great account of your experience with the workshop! I hope you’ll continue to blog for PTSA even after you become amazingly famous and outrageously wealthy 😉

  2. This was a very well written article Linda! I have no doubt that you will write some great tech talks for all of us to learn from, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  3. Great article ! As a soon-to-be registered tech, CE’s have been a source of important information. I would love to even attend a repeat of the level-1.

    PS. Love the bit about aspiring to be ‘amazingly famous and outrageously wealthy’ !

  4. […] Continuing to provide the annual conference is a standing objective for PTSA. This year, the objective of increasing the number of pharmacy technicians teaching continuing education was incorporated into conference planning. The 2018 conference program has been fulfilled by having 100% pharmacy technician speakers. Work also started this past year to reformat the Basic Writing Skills and Research workshop that was piloted in the spring of 2018 so that it can be offered online. Read about Linda Eckel’s experience at the workshop. […]


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