Regulated Pharmacy Technicians…We Have Come a Long Way


by Kelly Boparai, RPT. Kelly is currently the Alberta College of Pharmacists Pharmacy Technician council representative for District A (Northern Alberta). If you are interested in joining the Alberta College of Pharmacists Council you can learn more here.

There was a time when our future was not clearly visible. A time when we did not realize what an impact we would make in the healthcare profession. Through the passage of time, and a few years later, we are now able to see what an integral part of the healthcare profession we are the respect that has come along with it!

I have been a regulated pharmacy technician since January 2012 and it has been quite the adventure! Hard work and determination have helped pave my future as a member of council with The Alberta College of Pharmacists (ACP). I was elected on council July 2012 and re-elected in 2015 and I am currently in my 6th and final year ending in June of 2018. The last 6 years have been the most incredible and gratifying years for me. The knowledge that I have gained has been incredible and I will cherish all the memories and friends that I have made along the way. Prior to being on council I had very little knowledge of how the college operated or what purpose it really served. Over the years I have had the opportunity to be the voice for not only the professions, but also for my fellow registrants that I represented. On council I was given every opportunity to share my insights on the future of the professions, the registrants, and the health and well being of the public that we represent.

I think that it is very important for all RPT’s to know and understand the role of ACP. We all need to be involved with ensuring that our profession continues to grow and flourish…to move onward and upward! We need to take ownership of the many opportunities ACP has available in order to attain our goals. ACP has many different arenas where technician involvement is crucial and valuable. I think it would be of great value if more technicians were involved with ACP on their many boards and committees.  In fact I think more technicians should think about being a council member! To be on council means “to have a voice”! Each and every one of us has certain attributes and capabilities that could truly make a difference. ACP is a wonderful platform where every councilor has equal opportunity to provide value at the table with their individual experiences and insights. Being on council has taught me to “think outside the box”. It has given me the opportunity to see a vision of not only the present but also the possible future of the professions. Every member on council is treated equally and with respect. I find that even though it has been 6 years for me, I am still constantly learning and growing as an individual. I am amazed at how much goes on behind the scenes to ensure that our professions are at the forefront. ACP is an industry leader and I am happy that I had the opportunity to be on council through the many changes that have happened over the last few years. My biggest joy has been to be a part of council through the progression of the name change for the college!

I would like all my fellow RPT’s to know that I highly encourage them to seriously consider being on council. Each one of us and our different experiences can help shape not only the advancement of the professions but will also help in ensuring that we are collaboratively protecting the health and well being of the public. ACP provides a great deal of mentoring throughout each member’s term on council. They are there for you every step of the way and go above and beyond when it comes to ensuring that you are comfortable with your role and responsibilities. This journey for me has been truly remarkable and I can’t say enough about the warmth and hospitality of ACP in welcoming each and every member. If we want to see change, we have to be that change! We have to take ownership of our profession and where we would like to see it go. Be proud of where we are today and what we have achieved! Be that individual that truly wants to help the professions continue to grow! I would liek to say that I am proud to be and RPT, proud to have served on council and proud that together as “one voice” we have made a difference. We are “THE Alberta College of Pharmacy”!