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The Public Health Agency of Canada provides webinars for Health Care Providers (HCPs) on COVID-19 vaccines. Webinars are available, and continue to be developed, on different topics that target experienced vaccine providers, new and returning vaccine providers and public health decision makers. The webinars are live, include a moderated Q&A and are available in English and French. Recorded webinar events and presentations are available as follows:

Webinars on the foundations of vaccine systems in Canada: These webinars inform HCPs on vaccine authorization and regulation, guidance and administration.

Webinars on authorized COVID-19 vaccines in Canada: These webinars present the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) guidance and recommendations on the use of the COVID-19 vaccines authorized in Canada, and offer an opportunity for HCPs to have their questions answered.

Webinars on emerging topics: New topics of interest for COVID-19 vaccines are discussed in these webinars and offer an opportunity for HCPs to have their questions answered.

Upcoming Webinar – May 19

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and the National Collaborating Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCCID) is hosting a webinar to inform health care providers on addressing COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in clinical practice. This one hour live, moderated webinar will be a panel discussion with subject matter experts.

Topics to be covered:

  • COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy
  • Evidence-based practices for promoting vaccine confidence and uptake
  • Strategies for communicating about vaccines, including benefits and risks
  • Mis/disinformation related to vaccines and COVID-19
  • Barriers to vaccination and the social determinants of health


  • To provide an overview of COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in Canada, and how vaccine-related experiences, attitudes and intentions may vary across key communities
  • To describe the factors that can contribute to vaccine hesitancy, and hesitancy related to COVID-19 vaccines in particular
  • To support health care providers in understanding the various ways in which patients/clients might express vaccine hesitancy, and how to respond in ways to build vaccine confidence
  • To introduce a new resource for health care providers on evidence-informed strategies for addressing vaccine hesitancy in the context of COVID-19

English event

Wednesday, May 19th

1pm-2pm EDT

Click here to register for the English Session


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