PTSA Meets with The Alberta College of Pharmacists


On April 15th, 2016 the PTSA Executive Board met with the Alberta College of Pharmacists (ACP) Executive Committee.  The ACP Executive Committee routinely sets aside time to connect with stakeholders, and PTSA was excited to have the opportunity to discuss issues pertinent to pharmacy technicians with ACP.

I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight a few of the discussion points from our meeting.

Engagement with Pharmacy Technicians

ACP made it very clear that engaging with pharmacy technicians is a high priority for them. They were very excited by the high turn-out of pharmacy technicians at the 2016 Regional Town Hall Meetings.

PTSA encouraged ACP to further engage pharmacy technicians at future town hall meetings. We discussed the value of selecting topics pertinent to pharmacy technicians individually, as well as topics that will encourage discussion and collaboration between pharmacy technicians and pharmacists.

As future town hall meetings are planned ACP will be looking to PTSA for topic ideas and discussion points. Please reach out to us either by email at  or in the comments below with your thoughts and ideas!

PTSA suggested that ACP include a section on “How can my Pharmacy Technician Help Me?” to match the “How can my Pharmacist Help Me?” section on their website. We believe that it is important to inform patients of the value and unique skills that pharmacy technicians bring to their healthcare team. ACP was open to this suggestion and agreed to look into further with their communications team. We look forward to seeing this addition on their website!

Pharmacy Technician Involvement with ACP

PTSA asked ACP about how they go about finding and selecting pharmacy technicians to take part in their various committees and working groups, as well as their governing board. We were told that while they do occasionally sent out calls of interest, for the most part they reach out to technicians who they have worked with before or technicians who demonstrate leadership skills and engagement. PTSA encouraged ACP to use broader calls of interest more often. We also highlighted the need for more pharmacy technician representation at all levels of ACP governance. PTSA has invited both pharmacy technician representatives from the ACP council to write their own blogs for PTSA letting Alberta Pharmacy Technicians know more about their role and what they working on for pharmacy technicians.

If you are interested in getting involved with ACP we encourage you to reach out to them and let them know!

Possible Change to Federal Legislation

PTSA brought forward the need for changes to be made to federal legislation to allow pharmacy technicians to sign for the receiving and destruction of narcotic, controlled and targeted substances.

ACP supports this initiative. PTSA has taken this initiative to a national working group meeting where we had the opportunity to discuss the proposed change and next steps with pharmacy technician stakeholders from across Canada.

ACP Name Change

Many of you have probably already seen some provinces including Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Newfoundland changing the names of their regulatory bodies to include pharmacy technicians.

We broached the subject with ACP and they seemed very open to the idea of changing their name to be more inclusive. While it is not as simple as we would hope, there are some legislative hoops that would need to be jumped through, as well there would need to be consensus among the ACP council, we hope to influence and collaborate with ACP on this initiative.

Going Forward

We want to hear your thoughts, opinions and suggestions about:

  1. Legislation for Narcotics
  2. Working on ACP Committee’s
  3. ACP name change

Use the comments section below or send me an email at

I look forward to hearing from you!