Provincial Working Group May 2018 Meeting


by Diane Reeder. Diane Reeder, PTSA Education Director, is a pharmacy technician, living and working in Calgary.

The Provincial Working Group (PWG) is a voluntary collection of pharmacy technicians who represent their province at meetings hosted by the Canadian Association of Pharmacy Technicians (CAPT).  Meetings occur three times each year – twice by teleconference and once in person at the annual CAPT PDC.  For those unable to attend in person, a teleconference option is available.  The intent of the PWG is to discuss matters of mutual interest to pharmacy technicians across Canada.

The most recent meeting followed the May 4-6th CAPT PDC in Whistler, B.C.  Topics for discussion included establishment of an annual Pharmacy Technician Day.  It was agreed that we will adopt the same day that is celebrated in the USA – the third Tuesday of October.  The UK has also indicated their support for this same day.  More information will be provided in the next few months approaching the third Tuesday of October.

CAPT announced the Pharmacy Technician/Assistant of the Year Award for 2018 at the CAPT PDC.  Congratulations, Alyssa Stanlake, RPhT, operational lead, Pier Health, Vancouver.  Alyssa is responsible for designing the daily workflow that fills nearly 1000 prescriptions 365 days a year, while supporting two other pharmacies in a central fill capacity.  Check out Pier Health at this link:

There are now 8,185 registered pharmacy technicians in Canada as of January 2018.  Of that number, 1,456 are registered in Alberta.  All provinces except Quebec have embraced self-regulation of pharmacy technicians.  Some provinces, such as Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia are still working towards completion of bridging and other requirements for full registration.

A recent revision to CCAPP requirements for pharmacy technician education programs includes the option for students to complete a presentation to their peers.  This is an excellent opportunity for students to learn the techniques of creating a PowerPoint presentation, learning how to research the necessary information for their topic and presenting information of value to their peers.  There is also the opportunity to submit their presentation to CCCEP for accreditation, if desired.  This is a wonderful learning opportunity for pharmacy technician students to get involved with the creation of continuing education.

The next meeting of the PWG will occur in September 2018.  If you have items that you would like to have addressed at this meeting, let the know so that they can be brought forward.


  1. What is the cut off for technician regulation in the Maritimes, and did those provinces speak to the success rate/ preparedness of the individuals taking their PEBCs?

    • Hi Jenn. I attended the meeting and while I don’t recall this information being discussed specifically, I’d be happy to pose the question at the next meeting in the fall. However, the provincial representatives are all pharmacy technicians and many may not have access to PEBC success rates. The regulatory colleges in each of the provinces may be best positioned to answer that question.

  2. I was just wondering if they had shared any anecdotal information, stories of success/failures that techs were experiencing.


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