Pharmacy Technicians Providing Opioid Response Kits


On June 11, 2018 Alberta Health Services (AHS) held its first ever LGBT+ Pride event. The event took place at the Royal Alexandra Hospital (RAH) in the Robbins Pavilion. I am very excited to share that pharmacy technicians provided Opioid Response Kits (also known as naloxone kits or Take-Home Naloxone Kits) and training to the public during this event.

Back left to right: Ryan Mapa, Jenn Bean, Meghan Peters, Laura Miskimins Front left to right: Alice Chen, Crystal Schultz

As device and healthcare aid experts pharmacy technicians are ideally suited to provide training on how to effectively use Opioid Response Kits. Pharmacy Technicians from the RAH as well as members of the AHS Technical Practice and AHS Correctional Health Pharmacy teams took part in the planning for the event and in providing the kits and education.

In order to participate the registered pharmacy technicians were asked to complete the required Naloxone e-Learning Module. The team also watched the Overdose Response and Administration of Naloxone Video which is available via the AHS external website. In addition to the didactic training the team prepped by practicing providing the education to each other.

left to right: Rhonda Bodnarchuk, Cindy Thai, Crystal Schultz

To support both the pharmacy technicians providing the education and the patients receiving it, information packets were put together to give with the kits. These packets included a training checklist, a drug information sheet, a list of opioid dependency clinics in Alberta, a poster with the “SAVE ME” acronym and steps, and a poster that explained the role of the pharmacy technician.

This was a great opportunity to give back to the community and to showcase the value of pharmacy technicians. A total of 26 kits were provided to the public by pharmacy technicians that day. Not only that, but the knowledge, professionalism and enthusiasm displayed by the team resulted in representatives from Alberta Health, Edmonton Men’s Health Collective, Safeworks, and the AHS Diversity and Inclusion team asking if AHS pharmacy technicians could provide naloxone kits at future events.

left to right: Deanna Denea, Christina Levien

We want to hear from you! Are you currently providing Opioid Response Kits and education as part of your practice? Would the tools and resources mentioned above be helpful to you if you were to start?