Leading From Every Seat!


by Dana Lyons, RPT. Dana is currently the Alberta College of Pharmacists Pharmacy Technician council representative for District B (Southern Alberta). If you are interested in joining the Alberta College of Pharmacists Council you can learn more here.

Hello to all of my pharmacy colleagues. Leading is not a luxury, it is not reserved for only a few. Leading is what we MUST do, and we must do it from every seat.

I am, like most of you reading this blog, a licensed pharmacy technician, eager to see our profession grow. At times, I have felt that our newly regulated profession is stifled, not heard, and sometimes even misunderstood, and at times our talents…… are sadly wasted. However, I have to ask myself – what am I doing about this? I made a personal commitment to always contribute to the profession of pharmacy, to build relationships with all partners we work with, and to keep the patient focus front and center. I committed to morale courage, and to keep learning. This isn’t always easy, it is a journey, and some might say a marathon.

I ran for Council one year ago, and to my pleasant surprise I was voted in. The commitment to my profession through my participation on Council has been a privilege.  Council responsibilities include governance policy review, strategic direction planning, and other legislated responsibilities. Council representatives are there to collectively represent the profession, we are not there to advocate or represent ourselves, or personal interests.

As a profession we have the gift of learning new things, and building new opportunities with pharmacists, to enhance how we impact the health of our communities. Pharmacy Technicians have unique talents that can improve health delivery, and make the patient experience better. Whether your practice setting is in the Community, Hospital, or Educational setting, we need all of us leading from every seat.

ACP Council is one seat we can choose to lead from. This is a formal leadership position, and one that makes impactful decisions that can affect public safety. ACP is not an advocacy organization, they are a regulatory organization and the mandate between regulators and advocacy is very different and often misunderstood.

Advocacy organizations such as PTSA, promote education, and advocate for the advancement of the practice of pharmacy technicians. Conversely, The Alberta College of Pharmacists is a regulatory body which regulates the practice of pharmacy in Alberta. The activities of ACP are governed by the Health Professions Act, which includes the organizational structure such as council and other committees. Both organizations have an important role in the profession of pharmacy and both need our contributions.

My hope that is pharmacy technicians see themselves as leaders, and have the courage to submit your name to stand in the election for Councillor, Pharmacy Technician – District A. The experience of council will be memorable, it will take work, it will take vulnerability and a good dose of courage, but it will be worth it!

I believe all pharmacy technicians can be leaders – we can lead from every seat regardless of where we work, what role we are in today, and lastly and most importantly regardless of title. Leading is about heart and courage.

I look forward to working with a new Pharmacy Technician on council and wish everyone who puts their name forward the best of luck in this journey.

Here is a throw-back picture of me learning to perform sterile compounding 23 years ago in school at Red Deer College.







Warm regards,

Dana Lyons, Ph.T