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Membership in the Society is open in the following categories:

Full Pharmacy Technician Member
Any Pharmacy Technician who resides in the province of Alberta.

Associate Member
Any Pharmacy Technician who is not a resident of Alberta (or) Individual who supports the objectives of the Society.

Student Member
Any student enrolled in an accredited Pharmacy Technician training program.

Pharmacy Assistant Member

Any individual working in a support capacity in a pharmacy who is not eligible as a full member.

Membership Categories (Membership valid for 1 year from date of sign-up)

$52.50 (50.00 plus 2.50 GST) – Full Pharmacy Technician Member

$42.00 (40.00 plus 2.00 GST) – Associate Member

$31.50 (30.00 plus 1.50 GST) – Student Member

$42.00 (40.00 plus 2.00 GST) – Pharmacy Assistant Member

Click here for the online application form


  1. Hi Victoria,

    My receipt from last year states that my membership is good for one year from date of registration. It was purchased Nov 16 2016, this should reflect an expiry date of Nov 16 2017. However it looks like it is saying June 30 2017? Help! lol thanks!

  2. I am trained in Ghana as a pharmacy technologist(HND) from a reputable polytechnic university in the year 2005 and have been practicing as such in Ghana. I have currently relocated to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with my wife.
    I have seen your association and would like to know more about it, it’s memberships and if I can be a member and if yes, how do I become a member.