Injection Education Available for Alberta Pharmacy Technicians


Alberta pharmacy technicians can now register and complete the Pharmacy Technician Administration of Drugs by Injection online program available through the Continuing Pharmacy Education department of Dalhousie University. This program was developed to prepare Nova Scotia pharmacy technicians to administer injections. In the fall of this year pharmacy technicians in Nova Scotia were the first in Canada to become eligible to administer drugs by injection. Through a partnership with PTSA and Dalhousie University, Alberta pharmacy technicians interested in education on how to administer drugs by injection can complete the online program.

The program is comprised of 8 online modules, and will take approximately four to five hours to complete. Pharmacy technicians must achieve at least 70% on the post-study online test in order to receive a record of completion. An Alberta practice specific module is in development to supplement the provincial content included in the program. More information about this module will be available in the New Year. The cost to complete the 8 online modules currently available is $109. **Access to the Alberta specific module will be included at no additional cost for pharmacy technicians who register for the online program through Dalhousie University**

The administration of injections is not yet captured in the scope of practice for Alberta pharmacy technicians. Completion of this program does not guarantee that a pharmacy technician will be eligible to administer injections in Alberta. The program is, however, accredited according to the Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy competency mapped certification for immunizations and injections.

PTSA is also working to develop a practical education component to supplement the online module component. More information about plans for this component of learning will be available soon.

To register for the program, email the completed registration form to Once registration has been processed you will receive an email with information on how to access the online modules. The $109 fee is payable to Dalhousie University, Continuing Pharmacy Education.

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