Influenza & COVID-19: Preparing for the 2020-21 Flu Season


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Wednesday August 26 10:00AM

COVID-19 has forcefully reminded people of their vulnerability to infectious diseases. As influenza season approaches, your patients face a potential double threat to their health. More than ever, vaccination against influenza is an essential preventative measure, particularly for at-risk groups such as adults aged 65 and older. Join Dr. Angel Chu, infectious diseases specialist, to better understand the interplay between influenza and COVID-19. We will also:
Review the burden of influenza and at-risk groups
Discuss how to optimize influenza vaccinations for high-risk populations
Share practical tips and tools for maintaining immunizations in light of COVID-19
You will be able to submit questions during this live, online session.


Angel Chu
Specialist, Infectious Diseases Foothills Medical Centre
Calgary, Alberta
Vice-Chair, Immunize Canada


There is no cost to participate. An on-demand version of this webinar will be available after the live event. This program is an unaccredited learning activity

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