Changes to the CCP for 2020


The Alberta College of Pharmacy has made temporary changes to its programs and operations due to COVID-19.

These changes effect the Continuing Competency program for technician registrants for the 2019-20 CEU year.

ACP Council is respectful of the challenges being faced by pharmacy technicians at this time and has made accommodations in the Continuing Competence Program (CCP) requirements for the 2019-20 CE cycle, reducing the number of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) that most pharmacy technicians need to renew their annual practice permit. Requirements that must be met when most pharmacy technicians complete their application for annual permit renewal for the 2020-21 registration year are:

  • a minimum of eight (8) CEUs documented in one or more Learning Records, and
  • the prescribed learning activity for the 2019-20 CE cycle.

This does not apply to all technician registrants. Please visit the ACP website for more information.