Celebrating 5 Years of Pharmacy Technician Regulation


Last September, during the 26th Annual Alberta Pharmacy Technician Conference, the Alberta College of Pharmacists held a Welcome Reception to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of pharmacy technicians being Alberta’s newest regulated health profession.

The Alberta College of Pharmacists invited all pharmacy technicians from across Alberta to come out and take part in a celebration honoring the hard work and commitment of pharmacy technicians in achieving this milestone.

Taciana Pereira speaks during the Alberta College of Pharmacists Welcome Reception at the 26th Annual Alberta Pharmacy Technician Conference

During the event, ACP President Taciana Pereira spoke about the journey pharmacy technicians took to become regulated. She highlighted the important role that trailblazers such as Robin Burns and our current President Teresa Hennessey played in impacting, influencing and developing pharmacy technician regulation. We also heard Taciana reinforced ACP’s commitment to supporting pharmacy technicians with their practice journey by working to ensure better integration of regulated pharmacy technicians in pharmacy teams.

Jennifer Teichroeb speaks during the Alberta College of Pharmacists Welcome Reception at the 26th Annual Alberta Pharmacy Technician Conference

Jennifer Teichroeb, the Pharmacy Technician Councilor for District B, spoke passionately about her role on the ACP council and the pride she takes in being a pharmacy technician, “I am proud to be a pharmacy technician, a career that demands the very best of me. I am proud to be part of the regulatory process, it’s an important role in guiding our journey. We all have personal choices to make: to care or not, to better ourselves or not, to ignite passion or let the flame burn out. I choose the path of strength and fortitude and I ask you all to join me in the journey.”

Nicole Johnston, winner of the Pharmacy Technician Award of Achievement

Nicole Johnston was present the Pharmacy Technician Award of Achievement by ACP. This award recognizes the individual who achieves the highest mark on the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada Pharmacy Technician Entry to Practice Exam. We were so excited for Nicole and happy to have had the opportunity to celebrate with her.

Laura Miskimins, Kelly Boparai, and Jennifer Teichroeb during the Professional Development Grant presentation.

The Alberta College of Pharmacists surprised PTSA by presenting us with a $25,000 Professional Development Grant. When presenting, Taciana said the intention of the grant was “to support the professional development of pharmacy technicians that are guided by the competencies of your profession and the emergent needs of pharmacy practice in serving Albertans.” PTSA greatly appreciates the generosity and support of the Alberta College of Pharmacists.

We are so excited about this grant and the opportunities it affords. Our mission is not only to be a leader for pharmacy technicians but to focus on enhancing professionalism through education and collaboration with our members and affiliates. With that in mind we are asking all pharmacy technicians in Alberta to take part in a brief survey to help us ensure that we put this grant towards professional development that will be best suited to meet the needs and interests of pharmacy technicians in the province.  Click on the link below to take part in the survey now!

Professional Development Grant Survey