CAPT Professional Development Conference 2018


by Diane Reeder, RPhT. Diane Reeder, PTSA Education Director, is a pharmacy technician, living and working in Calgary.

The CAPT PDC is an annual continuing education event that is held in a different city across Canada each year, and is put on by the Canadian Association of Pharmacy Technicians.  This year, 2018, it occurred in Whistler, B.C.  CAPT was fortunate that their annual conference is held in May, which is the low season in Whistler.  As a result, hotel prices were reasonable and the village was quiet.  Interestingly enough, people were still skiing – one of the ski slopes flowed right into the village, while on the other side of the village, people were golfing.  It was a beautiful place to visit.

CAPT lines up a great selection of speakers.  Sponsors and exhibitors were also invited to attend the whole weekend.  We started the educational offerings by learning about professionalism and how the role of pharmacy technicians is evolving from a passive, assistant role to that of a contributing member of the team.  As regulated pharmacy technicians, we have an obligation to serve and protect our patients.  The identity of pharmacy technicians as a profession is fluid, not static, and will continue to evolve.  Understanding our identity is key to the successful integration of our profession into the greater healthcare team.

Other topics included wonderful presentations by two pharmacy technician students from Stenberg College.  Kudos to them for their willingness to present on Malaria Prevention, and on Super Bugs.  We also learned about all of the respiratory inhalers there are and how they differ.  Information was provided about what conditions they are used for and the typical doses and frequencies, as well as tips our patients need to be aware of.

Conferences are an excellent opportunity to get to know pharmacy technicians from other parts of Canada (and the world), as well as from a variety of workplaces, and they provide a sizeable number of CEUs for your annual requirement.  The next CAPT PDC will be held in St. Andrews, N.B. on May 3-5, 2019.  Save the Date!




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