Alberta Pharmacy Technician Conference FAQs


Planning for the 27th Annual Pharmacy Technician Conference is well underway. We are excited to have a committee of 12 people  working hard organizing and planning. We have begun outlining the program and look forward to presenting you an exciting conference on September 15 & 16, 2017!

Every year we received feedback on the conference there are always a number of recurring questions:

1) Why isn’t the conference Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday?

One reason is cost; a second full day of learning means increased space, speaker, and food costs which will result in increased registration costs. PTSA is committed to keeping our annual conference as affordable as possible for our members.  Another reason is travel time; in previous years we found that nearing the end of Sunday, there were conference participants who needed to leave early to head home.  PTSA knows that everyone’s time is valuable and we want to ensure that delegates don’t miss out on any sessions, and that presenters have delegates to present to!

2) Why isn’t the conference held at Fantasyland Hotel anymore?

Each year the PTSA board and conference managers source potential venues.  We consider a number of factors when choosing a site including availability, space, and cost. In recent years we have moved to holding the conference in Calgary during alternating years to make it more accessible for all our members. We are so happy that so many of you have fond memories of past conferences at Fantasyland, and we may well see our conference move back there again in the future, however we will continue to consider and source multiple venue options to ensure we making the most fiscally and logistically responsible decision .

3) What are the criteria for venue selection?

The board looks at a number of venues to host our conferences every year. We take many things into consideration such as the amount of space needed and available, location, cost (including cost of renting space, accommodations, AV support, parking, and food), and past venue experiences for the planning committee and delegates.

We weigh the options and negotiated contracts carefully before selecting the venue that we feel will give our delegates the best experience at a reasonable cost.

4) How many CEUs will I receive at the conference?

This is the question on everyone’s mind leading up to the conference. Unfortunately, the conference planning committee won’t know until late August/early September once the Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy (CCCEP) has reviewed the speaker presentations and assigned accreditation. While we strive for the highest number possible, we wait to hear from them. You can read a detailed overview of the CCCEP accreditation process here.

5) Why don’t more technicians present at the conference?

This is a GREAT question and something that the conference planning committee strives for. We know that technicians are interested in hearing other technicians speak. The conference planning committee makes every attempt to find pharmacy technicians to present; when a technician speaker is not an option we turn our sights to pharmacists, pharmacy stakeholders, and other expert speakers to ensure our sessions meet the high standards our members have come to expect.

6) What sessions will be at this year’s conference and how much will registration cost?

You can expect to see a conference brochure posted on our website in late spring (May/June). The brochure will highlight all the sessions, speakers and the registration fees.

If you are interested in presenting at the Alberta Pharmacy Technician Conference in 2018 or if you would like to volunteer for the 2018 conference planning committee we encourage you to contact us at