5 Goals to Kick-start Your Practice in 2018


As 2018 begins many of you will be reflecting on the last year and hopefully setting some goals. I want to encourage you to make a least of few of those goals professional ones. Below is a list of goal ideas for pharmacy technicians that I have brainstormed to help get you started.

  1. Take an active role in ensuring your pharmacy meets the NAPRA Standards for Sterile Compounding. NAPRA approved Model Standards for Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Sterile Compounding in November of 2016. The Alberta College of Pharmacists have set timelines to comply with these standards. The deadline for Phase 1 is July 2018. If you are working at an AHS site then there will be a plan in place for your site. Ask your manager how you can help support the implementation. If you are at a non-AHS site that sterile compounds have discussions with your teammates and leadership about meeting these standards. Make sure you familiarize yourself with these new standards. You can find them on the NAPRA website here: http://napra.ca/general-practice-resources


  1. Get involved with the approval process for the NAPRA Model Standard for Non-Sterile Compounding. Consultation is open now and available on the Alberta College of Pharmacists website. Take time to review the proposed standards and consider how they will affect your ability to provide a high standard of patient care. This is your opportunity to represent your profession and advocate on behalf of your patients. The consultation will close Feb 20, 2018 so don’t delay! Link for Consultation: https://secure.campaigner.com/CSB/public/ReadmoreContent.aspx?id=28446881&campaignid=24018958


  1. Complete the Take Home Naloxone Kit Training. We all know that Alberta is currently facing an opioid crisis. Pharmacy technicians play an important role in combating this issue. As device and healthcare aid experts we are ideally suited to provide training to our patients on how to effectively use a Take Home Naloxone Kit. Alberta Health Services offers an education module for health professionals providing patients with Take Home Naloxone Kits. This module is available to everyone, not just Alberta Health Services employees. To complete the training visit: https://cdm.absorbtraining.ca/#/login and create an account. Once you have logged in search “Take Home Naloxone Training” to find the module.


  1. Attend a conference. If you’ve never been to a conference before you are missing out. Conferences are not only a great way to get CEUs but also an opportunity to meet and network with your peers. The PTSA website is a great resource to find out more about upcoming conferences: https://ptsa.ca/conferences/


  1. Build your practice and take pride in being a pharmacy technician. This one is kind of cheating because I suggested it in my blog 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Professional Life last year. However, I think it still applies as is something we can be working on every year. So, take a proactive approach to developing your role. Spend some time identifying gaps in service and brainstorm how you can help fill those gaps. Rather than waiting for your manager or the pharmacist(s) you work to suggest that you take on additional duties, make your own suggestions and demonstrate their value. Make sure you are familiar with your scope and work within it. We have developed a quick sheet, and you should also be familiar with NAPRA’s Professional Competencies for Canadian Pharmacy Technicians at Entry to Practice and Model Standards of Practice for Canadian Pharmacy Technicians, as well as the ACP Standards of Practice for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians. I believe there are a number of areas that technicians can and should be taking ownership of including (but not limited to):
  • improving and managing sterile and non-sterile compounding processes,
  • supporting patients with their blood pressure and/or blood glucose monitoring,
  • promoting and managing compliance packaging, and
  • seamless care and discharge planning.

These are a few of my ideas but I’d love to hear yours! Comment below with your professional goals for 2018.