4 Ways the New PTSA Website Can Work For You


Do you ever wonder why you should be a PTSA member?

Have you found yourself asking “What is PTSA and what do they do?”

Do you wish that there was an easy way to inform your patients and pharmacy teammates about pharmacy technicians and our scope of practice?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the newly introduced Continuing Competency Program?

I know the feeling and I want to help. I’ve put together a list of my personal top 4 favorite things about the new website and how they can help support you, our members.

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  1. Hi: I was at the 26th Annual Pharmacy Technician Conference. While at the conference a few of the presenters mentioned they would have the printable format of their presentations posted on this website. I cannot seem to find any references to this additional information. If something was posted can you please let me know where to search on this site. I also wanted to verify that the CE points were accredited from the conference. I was sure they were, but just want to double check. The conference was great.. Thanks Gloria McDonald

    • Hi Gloria,

      We will email you the link to the presenter handouts. The conference was accredited by CCCEP, we will include contact information for the conference managers in our email to you so that you may request the form outlining how many CEUs each session was accredited for.


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