29th Annual Pharmacy Technician Conference – Poster Contest


    Post-conference Update

    Here are copies of the poster submissions from this year’s conference:

    A Clean Slate: Fostering Collaboration Between Pharmacy Services and Environmental Services

    Perceptions of pharmacy team members on the new scope of practice for pharmacy technicians in Calgary, Alberta

    Enhancing Staff Competency by Developing a Structured

    Remote Chemotherapy Drug Delivery Service Model


    Enter our Poster Contest! There is a $500 prize for the winning poster proudly sponsored by Fresenius Kabi! Take this opportunity to showcase the indispensable work you do!

    Registration is very simple. Please send an email to postercontest.ptsa@gmail.com with the following details included:

    • In the Subject heading of the email, enter the words: Poster Competition 2019
    • In the email, include the following information:
      • The title of the poster.
      • Name of the author(s) presenting the poster at the conference.
      • An abstract of the poster (200 words maximum).

    The deadline for this email submission is July 31, 2019 to be entered into the poster competition. *You have until the conference day to finish your poster; we are just looking for your commitment so that we can have the logistics arranged.

    When your poster is completed, send another email and attach the final PDF copy of your poster, as we would love to display the final posters after the conference on the PTSA website.

    For information on how to create a poster, the templates to use and for the recorded webinar on the 7 Tips for Completing and Submitting your Poster which was presented in May 2018 as a CE event, please see the PTSA website.

    You will receive a confirmation email indicating that we have received your submission form.

    The rubric below is how you can expect your poster to be marked. The winning poster will receive an award of $500.00.  Fresenius Kabi is proudly sponsoring our poster contest this year.

    Questions about the poster competition can be directed to Roxine and Angie at postercontest.ptsa@gmail.com.

    We wish you the best of luck in the poster competition!

    Poster Presentation Rubric:

    Score 2 (fully meets) 1 (partially meets) 0 (does not meet)
    Topic Topic is dynamic, explained well and relevant to pharmacy practice Topic is explained, more relevance would be beneficial or pharmacy practice is limited Topic is not explored in detail, relationship to pharmacy practice is limited
    Content Poster covers topic, background, methods, results and conclusion in depth and is easily understood Poster covers most topics in depth but may not be easily understood Poster does not contain enough information and is not easily understood
    Graphics Graphics are used appropriately  and relevant to information provided Graphics are  not used appropriately or are not relevant to the information Graphics are not included or are not relevant to topic
    Organization Poster information flowed, was clear, research was evident More research or organization was required, or information Presentation or organization was hard to follow or wasn’t long enough
    Results Results are explained in detail including ‘what’ ‘how’ and ‘why’ and lessons learned are included Results are somewhat explained or areas of ‘what’ ‘how’ and ‘why’ are missing, lessons learned are included Results are not explained in detail or lessons learned are not included
    Conclusion Accomplishments,  challenges and failures are explained, details are provided on sustainability of outcomes Accomplishments,  challenges and failures are somewhat explained, details may or may not be provided on sustainability of outcomes Accomplishments,  challenges and failures are not explained, details on sustainability of outcomes is not provided
    Overall presentation Poster design is thorough, learning is relevant to pharmacy practice, and can be duplicated by others. Authors are included Poster is designed well, learning could be developed more and can be duplicated by others. Authors are included. Poster is difficult to interpret, learning could be more developed and duplication by others is questionable. Authors are not included.