2020 Virtual Conference Speaker Bios


Dr. Caroline Brookfield, DVM

I graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1997. A lifelong learner, I have built two online businesses, and just finished a 300-hr Certificate of Professional Management (University of Calgary).  I have worked in most areas of veterinary medicine.  I have also worked as a Carnie at the Townsville fair in Australia.  Nobody ever comments on that on my LinkedIn Profile. A late diagnosis of ADHD, combined with abundant curiosity, has inspired a passion for learning.  As a veterinarian, from a highly competitive program, there is internal and external pressure to be perfect, not to make any mistakes.  With experience in research, technical services, and being highly data driven, I value the importance of peer review and rigor in making claims about what works.   As a parent, I embrace failure on a daily basis.

Alexandra Fuller, RPhT

Alexandra Fuller is a Technical Practice Leader for AHS and has 20+ years of experience as a pharmacy technician.  She graduated from Red Deer College in 1999 and has spent most of her career working within the hospital setting for Covenant Health.  Prior to joining Technical Practice, she worked as a frontline technician, as an educator and with the Medication Management Safety Team.  She is passionate about pharmacy technicians working to their full scope of practice, growing her patient safety knowledge, and enhancing leadership skills.

Teresa Hennessey, RPhT

Teresa Hennessey is a registered pharmacy technician and an Operations Manager with Alberta Health Services (AHS). She is committed to supporting pharmacy technicians in the pursuit of professional advancement. Since receiving her pharmacy technician diploma, Teresa has practiced in front-line and leadership roles within AHS as well as in community pharmacy. For more than 20 years, she has been involved in advancing scopes of practice and educating pharmacy technicians about how to implement distribution and patient care activities into their practices. Her passion lies with helping pharmacy technicians understand and find new opportunities to practice to full scope.

Morgan Lahl, RPhT

Morgan started her pharmacy journey at the early age of 16, her high school offered a practicum placement at a Texas community pharmacy. Later, she moved back to her hometown of Calgary, AB and took the pharmacy technician course at Robertson College. After graduating, she was hired to work for Alberta Health Services (AHS) at Foothills Medical Centre inpatient pharmacy. Early on, Morgan began working at SAC pharmacy specializing in caring for HIV positive patients for the past 6 years. When she isn’t at the pharmacy, she enjoys interacting with upcoming technicians as an instructor at Robertson College. She currently serves as the President of the Pharmacy Technician Society of Alberta.

Neil MacKinnon, BSc (Pharm), MSc (Pharm), PhD, FCSHP, FNAP

Dr. Neil MacKinnon is Dean of the Winkle College of Pharmacy at the University of Cincinnati. Previously, he was Director of State Office of Rural Health for Arizona. Neil was also a Professor at Dalhousie University. A native of Nova Scotia, Dean MacKinnon completed an undergraduate degree in pharmacy at Dalhousie, a Master’s degree in hospital pharmacy and residency at the University of Wisconsin Hospital, and a PhD and a fellowship at the University of Florida. A pharmacist, Neil has practiced in both the community and hospital settings. He is a past president of the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists.

Lindsay Marks, RPhT

Lindsay began her practice in Pharmacy in 2010. She started as a pharmacy assistant and worked to receive a license with the Alberta College of Pharmacy as a Registered Pharmacy Technician in January 2016. When not on shift at the Sandstone IDA in Blackfalds, Alberta, Lindsay serves as the Education Director for the Pharmacy Technician Society of Alberta. She is very passionate about advancing Pharmacy practice, while working to the top of her scope to provide the best possible health outcomes for all patients.

John Edrick Mella, RPhT

John Edrick Mella is a registered pharmacy technician for Alberta Health Services.  He graduated the Pharmacy Technician Diploma Program at Bow Valley College in 2016.  Edrick is currently a Barcoding Lead for Connect Care Wave 4 at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.  He assisted with Connect Care Wave 1 barcoding implementation at the University of Alberta inpatient pharmacy.  He also took part in creating a couple of PTSA educational videos these past years.  He dedicatedhis years as a technician seeking opportunities to perpetually further his skills and gain experience while being a valuable asset in providing patient-centered care.

Laura Miskimins, RPhT

Laura Miskimins (she/her or they/them pronouns) is the Pharmacy Operations Manager for Correctional Health Services. She is a registered pharmacy technician with 19 years of pharmacy experience. Laura started her pharmacy career working in a community pharmacy that focused primarily on patients with substance use disorder. After the birth of her daughter, Laura transitioned briefly to hospital pharmacy before she moved to Corrections. Laura is passionate about giving back to her profession and community. She is a frequent volunteer with PTSA, as well as with the Edmonton Pride Festival Society.

Kirsten Shead, RPhT

Kirsten Shead has over 17 years’ experience with Alberta Health Services as a pharmacy technician.  Kirsten has been dedicated to leading teams at the University of Alberta Hospital, and Kaye Edmonton Clinic through Alberta College of Pharmacy compliance priority one and two deadlines in regard to NAPRA model standards.  Kirsten’s passion and expertise center around implementing process and utilizing best practices related to sterile compounding.  Over the last year, Kirsten represented Alberta Health Services in the role of Quality Assurance for the Edmonton zone, and has recently transitioned to the Technical Practice Leader position for Alberta Health Services.  In these roles, Kirsten will continue to strive to meet and exceed all of NAPRA’s sterile compounding standards.  Kirsten lives with her family in St Albert, Alberta and is involved in her children’s school fundraising programs and activities, volunteering her time in various capacities since 2016.  When not working, Kirsten spends time with her family and friends.