2019 Conference Speaker Bios


Pam Borth

Pam Borth has worked in pharmacy since 1989. First as an assistant, then as a pharmacy technician after obtaining her diploma. She graduated with distinction from Red Deer College in 1992 and was placed on the Dean’s Honor Roll. Pam has 24 years’ experience in community pharmacy as well as 14 years of experience in hospital pharmacy. Pam worked for one year as in instructor with the NorQuest College Pharmacy Technician Program. Currently, Pam is working for Alberta Health Services in the Home Parental Therapy (HPT) Program.

Tiana Cunningham

Tiana started her career by completing the pharmacy technician program at Selkirk College in 2009. She worked in community pharmacies for several years before completing the bridging program at Red Deer College, becoming fully regulated in 2014. She continued to work in community pharmacies until 2017, while also transitioning to her current role at Chinook Regional Hospital (CRH) in Lethbridge in 2014. It was at CRH that Tiana helped develop the role of Clinically Deployed Technicians and was recognized by the Alberta College of Pharmacy this past November for her implementation of Best Possible Medication Histories (BPMH) she completes while working in the Emergency Department.

Teresa Hennessey

Teresa Hennessey is a registered pharmacy technician and a Practice Leader with Alberta Health Services (AHS). She is committed to supporting pharmacy technicians in the pursuit of professional advancement. Since receiving her pharmacy technician diploma, Teresa has practiced in front-line and leadership roles within AHS as well as in community pharmacy. For more than 20 years, she has been involved in advancing scopes of practice and educating pharmacy technicians about how to implement distribution and patient care activities into their practices. Her passion lies with helping pharmacy technicians understand and find new opportunities to practice to full scope.

Dana Lyons

Dana Lyons is a Technical Practice Manager at Alberta Health Services. She is responsible for the oversight of the practice for roughly 800 pharmacy technicians and 600 pharmacy assistants. Dana is passionate about adding value to the health-system through contributions and actions that make change happen. Her philosophy is to stay curious; be open, and to continuously strive to be outwardly focused. Most important to Dana are the values of kindness and love. She believes we can all contribute to the better good of society, and humanity.

Mark McAllister

Mark McAllister (he/him pronouns) is the current Board Chair of the Edmonton’s Men’s Health Collective and Sexual Health team lead. Mark recently finished his MSc in Physiology, Cell and Development Biology from the University of Alberta following the completion of his BSc in Immunology and Infection. Mark has been involved in the Sexually Transmitted and Blood Borne Infections (STBBI) Provincial Strategy where he was able to participate in the development of the PrEP/PEP guidelines for Alberta, and additionally helped develop prepalberta.ca – the first provincial resource for PrEP.

Dena Osmond

Dena Osmond has been with community pharmacy for just over 20 years. Throughout her career she has noticed that language barriers can impact a healthcare provider’s ability to provide adequate patient care. Dena is passionate about providing optimal care to patients.

Samantha Russell

Upon graduation from NorQuest College in 2011, Samantha knew she wanted to work in compounding. She began working at Market Drugs Medical as a non-sterile compounding technician 2011-present. In 2018 Samantha completed PCCAs (C3) Comprehensive Compounding and Aseptic Compounding courses. “I love compounding because it is an opportunity to provide innovative and personalized solutions to patients with unique health issues.”

Essi Salokangas

Essi Salokangas is a clinical pharmacist with a passion for improving health outcomes in vulnerable populations using evidence-based practice, empathy, and humor. A University of Alberta 2016 alumni, Essi went on to co-found the Adherence & Community Engagement (ACE) Team, a pharmacist-led, interdisciplinary outreach team for complex patients in Edmonton, Alberta. She is now the first clinical pharmacist on the Addiction Recovery and Community Health (ARCH) Team, an addiction consult service for patients with substance use disorder and social inequity, at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

Dr. Robert Sealey

As an active member of the peer sharing group Physicians for Medicinal Cannabis along with the Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids, the International Cannabinoid Research Society and the International Association for Cannabis as Medicine, Dr. Sealey has been involved in both the clinical and research aspects of Medical Cannabis since 2001.

Sensing a void in knowledge among his peers regarding the use of Medical Cannabis in clinical practice, Dr. Sealey has travelled around the world as one of the few instructors in this field of medicine. With the legalization of recreational marijuana across Canada, he is also an invited keynote speaker at public and professional events for his opinion on the potential implications of this ground-breaking decision.

Russell Sheppard

Russell (Russ) Sheppard received his law degree from the University of Alberta and was called to BC Bar in 2014. Prior to his law career, Russ enjoyed a successful teaching and administration career in Nunavut, Alberta and Ontario where he was Dean of Students at the prestigious Hill Academy. He received numerous accolades for his work in education including the Excellence in Teaching Award, Contributor of the Year, BDC Youth Entrepreneur of the Year and the most recently the Queens Jubilee Medal.

Thomas Trombetta

Thomas Trombetta (he/him or they/them pronouns) is Alberta’s PrEP Coordinator with the Edmonton Men’s Health Collective as well as Interim Prairie Regional Manager with Community Based Research Centre. Originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Thomas graduated with a BA in Sociology and currently works towards the improvement of PrEP awareness for health providers and community members as well as with programming for queer and trans guys through the Community Based Research Centre. Thomas has worked at HIV Edmonton as an educator, with gay straight alliances in rural Alberta, harm reduction, and anti-oppression. Recently, he has won the 2018 Pride Certificate.

Sharon Van Wert

Sharon is a Technical Practice Leader for AHS, and was a front line pharmacy technician for many years. She spent most of her career working in Medicine Hat but recently she moved to Calgary. Sharon enjoys working on projects and engaging front line technicians to be involved in improving pharmacy practice. Working with people and engaging people to be involved is her niche. Anyone that knows Sharon knows that she is always quick to volunteer to help out at work and outside of work. After only being in Calgary a short time she has arranged a team to volunteer cooking at Ronald McDonald house and is a corporate sponsor committee member for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada.

Loren Voice

Loren Voice has 25+ years’ experience in various pharmacy settings in Alberta. Her passion area is hospital pharmacy practice, sterile compounding, and teaching. Her current role is Clinical Lab Instructor at Bow Valley College in the Pharmacy Technician program. Expanding her knowledge in hopes of contributing to a better healthcare system, Loren recently graduated with her Masters of Public Health degree. Her desire is to inspire others to reach their “ah ha” moments, to act with integrity and communicate with empathy and compassion. She wants to foster commitments with others to understand and respect people’s needs.

Tana Yoon

Tana Yoon is a pharmacy technician whose practice has spanned over 30 years with Alberta Health Services (AHS) and has included stints in Inpatient, Outpatient, Corrections, Forensic Psychology, management and education. She has completed Critical Point Boot Camp, is a PROSCI certified change practitioner and a process improvement yellow belt holder. Tana is the Co-Chief Examiner for the PEBC Alberta OSPE, holds a seat on the NAPRA Board of Directors and was a participant in the development the Alberta College of Pharmacy (ACP) 2019 mandatory continuing education module. She is one of the PTCB-AB founding directors and was instrumental in the development of early stage processes that lead to technician regulation. Tana was honored to be a recipient of the 2018 PTSA Professionalism Award and was recently the Advocacy Director for PTSA. Tana currently holds a position as a Technical Practice Leader with AHS where her passion for pharmacy technician professional growth is evident through her enthusiasm to lead best practice initiatives.