2017 Session Descriptions


Friday, September 15th

When Celebrity Culture and Science Clash

Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything? When Celebrity Culture and Science ClashTim Caulfield, Professor of Health Law & Science Policy

Popular culture is filled with health myths, pseudoscientific noise and dangerous conspiracy theories. In this fun and provocative presentation, Professor Caulfield will debunk some of the most pernicious falsehoods and explore the cultural forces driving the rise and spread of health misinformation, including celebrity culture, social media and cognitive biases.

The “Paw-fect” Prescription

Shana Brigs, RPhT

This session is about what role pharmacy technicians and pharmacies play in vet medicine. We all may have animals, know someone who has them or have been around them at some point.  But do we know what happens when they get sick? What steps need to be taken to be sure they receive the correct dosages and dosage forms from our pharmacies just like humans? This session will talk about how our role fits into the scope of veterinary medicine.

Review of NAPRA’s Draft Model Standards for Compounding Non-Sterile Compounds

Dale Cooney, ACP

This presentation will review the content of NAPRA’s Draft Model Standards for Compounding Non-Sterile Preparations and compare the requirements to the current requirements for compounding non-sterile products in Alberta. The process used to develop the draft standards and the process used by the Alberta College of Pharmacists for adoption in Alberta will be described. The most up to date information available regarding the status of the draft standards and the plans for implementation in Alberta will be shared.

Lunch, Vendor Exhibit, and Poster Contest

We will be offering our vendor exhibit earlier in the day this year which will provide conference delegates with the opportunity to explore and compare an array of products and services available from industry suppliers. While enjoying your lunch, please take time to meet and speak with our generous sponsors without whom the conference would not be possible.

Poster contest participants will also be sharing their posters during the lunch/vendor exhibit; please visit the presenters and learn about their work environment and see their poster. For more information, please see 2017 E-Poster Contest

Cocaine 101

Dean Boyer

Enhance your understanding of substance abuse by hearing the story of cocaine from plant to user. You will have the opportunity to discover how crack cocaine is made, and why your patients may find it so attractive and addictive. Dean will shed light into the life of an addict by informing you about the local drug trafficking scenes including gang activity, the costs associated with illicit drugs and the jargon patients will use to refer to their drug of choice. Learners will come away with the tools to foster a stigma free relationship with patients as well as a greater understanding of the many factors contributing to our current opioid crisis.

Biosimilars – Place in Patient care

Dr. Micheal S. Guirguis, BSc. Zoo, BSc. Pharm, Ph.D.

This Presentation will allow the audience to understand current regulations around approval of, Biosimilars, controversy over place in therapy and their role in healthcare sustainability.

Dinner and Award Ceremony

All conference delegates are invited to supper Friday night, a delicious buffet meal and award ceremony.

Dueling Pianos and Silent Auction

Step out of the ordinary and leave your inhibitions at the door! The Dueling Pianos guarantees a high energy ‘sing-out-loud’ kind of event. Nowhere else can you clap, sing, and dance along to YOUR requested songs played live by world class entertainers. With crowd participation fueling this exciting show, no two events are ever the same. Everything from oldies to the newest hits… It’s 100% Request and ALL UP TO YOU!

Also at this time we will have our annual silent auction; delegates are encouraged to place their bids and compete for some SUPER items. All winning items must be paid for at the end of the auction. Cash only.

Saturday, September 16th

Improving the Experience for Sexual & Gender Minority (LGBTQ) People

Marni Panas, BHAdm

We will explore how to better work with, support and advocate for patients, family, friends and colleagues who identify as sexual or gender diverse (LGBTO). Participants will hear personal experiences and stories, learn terminology, and discuss what we can do to improve the experience for this often marginalized and vulnerable population.

To Reg Tech or Not?….That’s a Silly Question

Melissa Salacki, RPhT, Carmen Shewchuk, RPhT, Brad Willsey, RPh

We will describe our journey to utilizing our regulated pharmacy technicians to their full scope of practice. Our journey will include the history of pharmacy technician regulation and how we maneuvered through it using the bridging program, our implementation of the scope and role into our practice setting, and the numerous benefits we’ve accrued from embracing the opportunity for not only the pharmacy team but also our patients. So, to Reg Tech or Not? That’s a silly question…

NAPRA “Y”? A History of Events Leading to the Development of National Standards

Jason Pepper, R. Ph, BSc. Pharm.

In this session, a history of significant adverse events related to sterile compounding will be linked to specific sections of the NAPRA sterile compounding guidelines. The ultimate goal is to connect patient safety to the work

What You Should Know About Medical Assistance in Dying in Canada

Pat Mayo, BSc(Pharm), PhD, MTS

Canadian legislation was passed in June 2016 that allows dying patients, who are suffering intolerably from a serious medical condition, a choice of a medically-assisted death. Bill C-14 defines the conditions and limitations for MAID in Canada, which allows physicians and nurse practitioners to provide this service with the assistance of pharmacists and “other” staff deemed to include pharmacy technicians.  It is essential that all pharmacy staff understand their role and limitations under the current legislation.   The need to respect patient autonomy will be reviewed along with the individual right for objection and the ongoing need for palliative care.

Lunch and PTSA Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Pharmacy Technician Society of Alberta provides an opportunity for PTSA members to come together and discuss the maintenance of the Society and the issues affecting pharmacy technicians. All conference delegates are invited to attend the lunch; members are encouraged to participate in the AGM

Nurturing the Profession: Fair Evaluation of the Pharmacy Technician Student

Jennifer Skrapits RPhT, Terri Schubert RPhT, B.Ed., CACE

An experiential learning rotation is the process of acquiring knowledge, skills experience and judgement for fulfilling the learning requirements as outlined by an educational institution. Students are evaluated during their learning rotation, which also equates to Level 1 of their Alberta College of Pharmacists (ACP) Structured Practical Training Program (SPT), a competency based training period.

In this session participants will review pre-entry to practice and entry to practice requirements, how to provide a fair hospital learning rotation evaluation based on the skills students are equipped with and how these skills can be evaluated no matter the practice setting.

Pier Health Resource Centre: Expanding Scope of Practice to Stabilize Homeless Population 

Bobby Milroy, Director of Pier Health Resource Centre, Robin’s Pharmacy and Wellness Centre. Pier Health Resource Centre is the first private pharmacy clinic that offers a multi-disciplinary approach to pharmacy care. Our registered technicians lead the operation and are provided a separate dispensing area so that pharmacists can engage in a purely clinical role with the homeless/at-risk population.

For our patients with co-occurring infections, psychosis and addiction, personal connection and is the key to better outcomes. Our concept design allows our technicians to operate at the highest scope of their license. Consequently, we have transformed the culture of pharmacy in the Downtown Eastside from a financial model to a clinical outcome focus.



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