My Experience at the PTSSk 5th Annual Fall Conference


I had the opportunity to travel to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan October 21, 2017 for the Pharmacy Technician Society of Saskatchewan 5th Annual Fall Conference. Attended by pharmacy technicians and students from all over Saskatchewan.

Technicians in Saskatchewan are currently navigating through the regulation process and the college has set an end date for regulation in Saskatchewan of December 2018. The Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy Professionals or SCPP as they call themselves, reported that there are currently 79 regulated pharmacy technicians in Saskatchewan. They currently have 2 technician members on committees with the college and plan to add one technician member to council in 2018. After consulting with colleges from other provinces the designation SCPP choose for their registered pharmacy technician members is PhT, which is different from the regulated pharmacy technician designation or RPhT we use in Alberta.

SCPP pharmacy technician members will be required to collect 15 Continuing Educational Credits yearly and carry one million dollars of malpractice insurance, the same as Alberta and their licensing fee is set at $525.00 which is slightly higher than ours currently, with the duties being very similar in scope.

Dr. Amy Smith, BSP, ACPR, PharmD shared her inspiring story of working for years as an oncology pharmacist at the Cancer Centre in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Three months after getting married in September of 2016 she was diagnosed with a rare form of malignant ovarian cancer and became a patient at the same hospital she worked for. Amy made the courageous decision to Livestream her chemotherapy sessions so people could ask questions and share her journey. She turned her life crisis into an open conversation and is an inspiration to all of us. She is now cancer free and has made it her mission to share her journey of cancer care from both sides. Amy’s video

Liisa Scherban, PhT is a pharmacy technician who works as an analyst for the Prescription review program at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan. Her job is to monitor and report on controlled drugs and substances abuses by medical professionals within the province of Saskatchewan. This program replaced the triplicate prescription program a few years ago to assist in reducing the diversion of controlled prescription drugs. Liisa is very passionate about her work and has learned a lot about “good people doing bad things”. She monitors controlled substances being prescribed through PIP or the Pharmaceutical Information Program which is similar to our NetCare program in Alberta and flags any potential or ongoing issues with prescribers and diversion. She also monitors forgery reports from pharmacies and provided examples of the latest forgery techniques being used.

PTSSK, the Pharmacy Technician Society of Saskatchewan is a provincial organization that provides leadership and support to Saskatchewan technicians who are new to their scope or their profession. Next year their conference will be held in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Rhonda Bodnarchuk, RPhT, PTSA Vice President, is a pharmacy technicians living and working in Edmonton.